Date Title Categories
Sep 2021 Dark Alley B&W Cityscape
Jun 2021 Straws in the Wind Landscape
Jun 2021 Tree in the Wind B&W Landscape
Mar 2021 Alameda Evening Cityscape
Mar 2021 Sunlight on Tracks B&W Cityscape
Feb 2021 Getting Bread Cityscape
Feb 2021 Leaves B&W
Feb 2021 Shadows Cityscape
Feb 2021 Buildings in glass Cityscape
Feb 2021 Charcutaria Diplomata B&W Cityscape
Dec 2020 Christmas Lights Cityscape
Dec 2020 Waves Landscape
Dec 2020 Sand, Sea, Sky Landscape
Nov 2020 Reflection Cityscape
Nov 2020 Campo Pequeno Cityscape
Nov 2020 Beach Landscape
Oct 2020 Stairs B&W Shapes
Oct 2020 Shiny Leaf B&W Shapes
Oct 2020 Lattice B&W Shapes
Oct 2020 Bike Rack B&W Shapes
Oct 2020 Pastelaria Vitta Roma B&W Cityscape
Oct 2020 Hairdressers B&W Cityscape

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